Screen Repair

Your window screens allow you to enjoy fresh air without letting in pests and large debris. They can even add an accent to your windows. If they’ve become damaged or torn, you may be reluctant to open your windows and enjoy the breeze. Two Guys Window Cleaning also offers mobile screen repair services, so while we’re cleaning your windows, we can repair your screens as well. When we clean your windows, we will remove the screens anyway, so if there are holes or tears in your screen, we can rescreen the entire panel for you.

Many modern screen frames are aluminum or vinyl, but depending on the age of your home and your windows, you may find they are made from steel, wood, or some other material. Generally, they use the same sort of screen mesh, and the way the mesh mounts into the screen’s frame is also often the same. Two Guys Window Cleaning can remesh these frames while we are at your home. The same is true for something like aluminum screen doors on your slider door. The process is the same.

Over time your window screens may become damaged or become brittle from the sun’s UV rays, meaning the slightest pressure could cause a large tear. This can be a disaster if you use your screens to keep pets or little ones inside.

If the frame of your screen has become damaged, we can fix that as well! We can rescreen existing frames, or if your frame is damaged (or missing), we can create you a new one. We can replicate most shapes and sizes on-site.

If you’re interested in having your window screens repaired or replaced, give us a call today.

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