Christmas Lighting

As the holidays get closer, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to do for decorations. Will it be simple or extravagant? Should you do lights on your gutters, ridgeline, trees, or shrubs? Which colors should you use to compliment the color of your house? What happens if a light goes out? Don’t worry! Two Guys Window Cleaning offers professionally installed Christmas lights. We can install the lights on your home, service them in case any go out, and remove them when the time comes. We can even store them securely for you until next year!

If you already have an idea of how you’d like your lights, we can help bring that idea to life. If you’re not sure yet, you can bring us a photo of something you do like, or bring us a photo of your home with what you’d like just drawn on it. Whatever is the simplest for you. We’re happy to work with you to make your sparkling winter wonderland ideas a reality this year! We use high quality lights, and ensure there are no sagging strands of lights, or tangles of extension cords hanging anywhere on your home. Our lighting setups are made to fit on your home.

One of the risks associated with installing Christmas lights is falling. Dealing with slippery surfaces, tangled cords, and no safety gear can mean potential disaster for you. Our professional team of installers are trained for working on ladders and roofs. Remove the risk this year and call Two Guys to install your Christmas lights for you!

If there should ever be a problem with the lights, again, we remove the risk by having our professionals service the lights. There will never be any need for you to climb onto your roof to add, change, or remove any of the lights.

If you’re happy with your lights, when we come back to take them down, we can store them securely until next year, at which time we’ll already have the lights in the right design and lengths, so your lights go up even faster!

Christmas is only one day per year, but your lights are usually up for months. Make sure your home looks its best this year, with professionally installed Christmas lights! Call Two Guys today to get a free estimate or to schedule a visit. We look forward to making your ideas a reality this year!

Here are a few of our favorite projects:

Crisp, white lights help create a stark contrast between the colors of the siding and roof, making the lights pop even more. A beautiful, sparkling, monochrome display.
Classic warm yellow lights add to the coziness of this cottage, tucked away in the trees of this neighborhood. You can never go wrong with classic warm Christmas lights!
Having a red house means you’re already in the Christmas spirit! With the addition of these rainbow lights installed along the roofline and gutters, this house is easily the most festive in the neighborhood!

Much of this home is not visible from the street, but to help transform their home into a twinkling winter wonderland, we helped with rainbow lights along the roofline and gutters, along with a festive display of yard ornaments.

Another cozy cottage transformed by alternating red and white Christmas lights. Essentially turning their roofline into a candy cane, this dreamy little home didn’t take much to get into the Christmas spirit!

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