Why Can’t You Wash Windows in the Sun?

You may have been told not to wash windows in the sun. But why is this true? Why can’t you wash windows in the sun and what are the consequences if you do? In this blog post, we’ll dive into some of the reasons why washing windows in direct sunlight are not recommended and what you should do instead.

  • The Sun Causes Streaks on Windows – One of the main reasons why washing windows in direct sunlight isn’t recommended is because it can cause streaks on your window. When water evaporates quickly, it leaves behind a film that can be difficult to remove. This film can make your window look cloudy or spotted even after you clean them with glass cleaner. To prevent this from happening, wait until it’s cloudy or there’s minimal sunlight streaming through your window before cleaning them. This way, the water won’t dry too quickly and will have time to evaporate naturally without leaving behind any streaks or spots.
  • Your Cleaning Solution May Not Work Properly – Another reason why you shouldn’t clean windows in direct sunlight is that it could affect how well your cleaning solution works. Some cleaning solutions are designed to work best when used on surfaces that aren’t exposed to direct sunlight. So, if you use them on windows that are exposed to the sun, they may not perform as effectively as they would otherwise. To make sure that your cleaning solution works properly, avoid washing your windows when there is direct sunlight hitting them and opt for a more shaded spot instead.
  • You Could Damage Your Window Frame – Finally, one of the most important reasons why you shouldn’t clean your windows in direct sunlight is because it could damage your window frame over time. Direct sunlight causes materials like wood and metal to expand and contract which can lead to cracks or other damage over time. To protect your window frame from damage caused by exposure to direct sunlight, try to only clean your windows when they are not being exposed directly to the sun’s rays.

 Washing windows in direct sunlight may seem like an effective way to get them clean but there are actually several drawbacks associated with doing so. The sun can cause streaks on your window, make it harder for cleaning solutions to work properly, and even damage your window frame over time. To keep your windows looking their best, wait until there is minimal sunshine streaming through before cleaning them with glass cleaner or other appropriate solutions for washing windows indoors or outdoors! Call Two Guys Window Cleaning for quality window washing near me Fontana.

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