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A Complete Checklist for Commercial Window Cleaning Services from Two Guys Window Cleaning in the Crestline Area

Commercial window cleaning is an essential part of your commercial building maintenance. It is crucial to keep your windows clean and streak-free to allow natural light into the office and improve the appearance of the building from the outside, and the morale on the inside.

Commercial window washing companies, like Two Guys Window Cleaning, in the Crestline area offer a wide range of commercial window cleaning services that can be customized to fit your budget and needs.

Here is a complete checklist to make sure you are getting the most out of your commercial window cleaning services from Two Guys Window Cleaning: 

Checking for Streaks & Spots – Commercial spaces like offices and storefronts need to be presentable at all times. Streaks and spots on windows can give customers or clients the wrong impression of your business, so it’s essential to ensure they’re always clean. An expert commercial window cleaning company like Two Guys Window Cleaning in the Crestline area will help keep your windows streak and spot-free all year round. We customize commercial window washing services to meet your needs!

Several things can cause streaks including:

        • Dirty water or cleaning solution
        • Improper technique
        • Worn or damaged cleaning cloths or squeegees
        • Hard water deposits

Spots can also be caused by any of the above, as well as:

        • Bugs or other insects
        • Pollen
        • Tree sap
        • Bird droppings
        • Fingerprints

Two Guys Window Cleaning has the experience and expertise to clean your windows quickly and efficiently without streaks or spots.

Cleaning the Window Frames – Office windows are often high up, making cleaning them a little tricky. Two Guys Window Cleaning has the proper equipment like ladders to reach the top of the frame and clean it correctly. We also ensure to wipe down the entire frame surface, including any corners or difficult-to-reach areas. Our commercial window washing experts in the Crestline area will also clean the windowsills when cleaning the frames. These areas can easily collect dust and dirt, so a good wipe-down is essential.

Cleaning the Glass Panes – Glass panes are the most visible part of the window and must be cleaned on both sides. Our experts start by dusting them with a dry cloth to remove any cobwebs or dirt. Then, wash the glass with a solution formulated for your windows using a clean sponge or cloth. Rinse and dry the panes with a lint-free cloth. Commercial window washing services offer several benefits. They can save you time and ensure your windows are clean and sparkling. Our professional window cleaning company will always have the necessary equipment to clean your windows quickly and efficiently. We also will also have the expertise to clean high-rise windows safely.

Removing Any Stickers Or Labels From the Windows – Stickers like office hours or contact information can be difficult to remove without damaging the glass. Professionals like Two Guys Window Cleaning use special tools and techniques to ensure this job is done quickly and efficiently. Also, paint or gum on windows can be unsightly and difficult to remove. Two Guys Window Cleaning has the experience and expertise to eliminate these blemishes quickly and easily.

Contact Two Guys Window Cleaning in the Crestline area for your commercial window washing services today, you will not be disappointed. Our commercial window cleaning experts use the latest technologies and equipment to clean your windows and make them look new again. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our services so, call us today for a free customized quote!

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